Introduction …

I generated this website to share my 25 years in Architecture and professional service.

I am seeking opportunity with a creative architectural practice or like-minded progressive organization engaged in creating dynamic, sustainable and responsible architecture.

About the site …

The navigation above provides links to my resume’ and several galleries of selective portfolio works ... on my resume’page, a tab to download a hi-resolution PDF has been provided for convenience. The project gallery's contain overview narratives highlighting aspects that influenced the specific work. Some of these image pages are large, so please let them fully load so the project information will display properly.

About my role …

The specific project were selected to highlight my efforts as an Executive Director and lead designer,including office titles as office director, project director/manager, director of design, etc. My responsibilities on all these works began at the project’s inception or RFP and ran the duration of the projects for all activities including: client management, design, budget and program validation, construction document production, management of QA and construction administration, engineering coordination as well as fiduciary responsibilities for the project management and and business practice.

About the galleries …

The 5 galleries are a representative sampling of my experience:  

The Portfolio Samplings gallery illustrates the diversity of work I produced over the last 25 years with a variety of project types, construction and delivery methods and design styles in excess of $425m construction under contract . The $ values stated have not been adjusted to today's dollars and represent the values when built.

Educational facilities have been a focus for over 15 years. My k-12 and university experience (approximately $250m in constructed cost) is highlighted by three Florida projects: Palm Harbor University High School, Bayside High School and Library Expansion at Florida Atlantic University. To note, these three projects presented exceptional challenges regarding the Ed Spec and program development, budget and schedule shortcomings, and site criteria that required close engagement with the respective board, facilities design group and construction teams.

The Private Residence is representative of selectively engaged and unique (fun) opportunities presented by creative, decisive and adventurous clients. My private/commercial works are an enjoyable contrast to the institutional process providing a more personal dialog, a greater freedom of design and more responsive building process. 

Why post this site … ?

“There is a great freedom and opportunity when exploring the intersections of chance and necessity”

Supporting my creative instinct with a functional purpose and sensibility … I am exploring intersection that may open a dialog and a mutually rewarding opportunity ...

Contact information …

Michael Panetta
115 21st avenue NE
St. Petersburg, Fl.


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